Monday, August 29, 2011

Update letter before I leave

Hello friends,

Back in October, I thought that this time would never arrive! At this time next week I will be packed and ready to leave. My departure date is set for September 5th with a return date of January 5th.

Serving at camp this summer has been amazing! I saw God do some really incredible things for His Kingdom as I was over and over reminded that I am His and He is mine. I was so blessed to build new relationships with the staff this summer. Being back here at camp has been a true adventure and an amazing journey. Thank you to all who have supported and encouraged me to take this step to be at camp.

As I prepare to leave in the next several days, please continue to partner with me in prayer in a few areas:

  1. Please continue to pray over the campers that I listed in my previous letter, Michael and Ethan.
  2. Please pray for certain members of my family as this is difficult for them. Pray that they would not allow the fear to continue to overtake them but that they will learn to trust in the Father's provision for me. Rejoice with me over the family members who are so very encouraging and supportive.
  3. Pray for the interns that will be on their way to Kenya until November and for the community that we will have at the Transformed International compound. There will be a good mix of individuals with different talents and gifts; pray that we all learn to work together to glorify God.
  4. Pray for specific interactions with people that I meet as I travel. I will have the opportunity to tour London during my 12 hour layover. Pray that as I go from airport to airport and city to city that I will go as the hands and feet of Jesus.

Again I want to thank you all for your support during this new adventure. Please let me know how I can be praying for and rejoicing with you.

Blessings friends,


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