Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A new blog site!

Okay, this I might actually keep updated now!  I started my last blog site before my first Kenya trip.  Now, the blog will not allow me to change the login to my Gmail account instead of my old hotmail account.  And because my laptop is automatically signed into my Gmail account for other things, it was easier this way.  Before you start emailing me ways to actually do it, I'm sure that there are ways.  But, this was easier.  Besides, I only had a few posts anyway.  I've copied them to this new site, so feel free to check them out.  

So, what's the point?  Well, in a few months, I'm starting on a some new journeys (see the post titled "A time for change").  I don't know where all of these adventures will lead me, but I go willingly and excitedly!

I've called this new blog Esse Quam Videri.  It's Latin for "To be rather than to appear to be".  I love this phrase.  Every morning as I shower I see this beautiful phrase on my right arm.  It reminds me of a commitment that I've made:  To be real with people.  It's only fairly recently that I've learned how to be comfortable doing this.  So, this blog will be just that:  a pure sharing of my heart.  I plan to share my adventures while in the US, and my adventures in Kenya here.

Part of this being real means that sometimes what I share will be fairly lighthearted.  Sometimes it may be deep and thought-provoking.  If you disagree with anything, I encourage and welcome your thoughts as well.  I only ask that if leaving comments, you keep them clean.

I have a few blog updates rolling around this crazy head of mine.  I think that the next will be called "the value of  dime".  And it has nothing to do with money at all.  :)


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