Thursday, June 30, 2011

Childhood heroes

Camp is awesome so far!  We started out with a couple of parent/child weekend groups back in early May. The last one was a mother/son group a couple of weekend groups.  With no disrespect at all to moms out there, mothers are an interesting group to see when camping with their sons!  I think one of my favorite lines was a mom asking her son if he needs to wash his hands and he answered, "No, it's okay.  Dad doesn't even make me bring a toothbrush when he brings me here".

This past Sunday our staff training program started up.  It's a 6 week program called LGP (Leadership Growth program).  The 1st three weeks these guys are pushed a little bit physically and spiritually.  They run.  Everywhere.  No walking.  They swim every morning.  Not the swimming I do with a raft.  These guys swim some serious laps every morning.  After they run.  The last three weeks they are a camp apprentice.  They learn how to run ranges and how to be a camp counselor.  The following summer they are invited to return as a paid staff.

Lately, I've been feeling really blessed to be back at this place.  5 years ago when I left, I had no intention of ever returning for anything.  Not for a visit and certainly not to work.  Yet, here I am.  Back in my old job again.  And loving it even more!  I feel a bit like Peter in the Bible.  He messed up.  He denied even knowing Jesus.  Later on, Jesus forgives Peter.  But He doesn't stop there.  He also restores Peter as a disciple and he goes on to be a key member of the early church.  I'm not saying I'm Peter, but I love that restoration.  Yesterday I was hanging out with Nate who is one of the leaders of this years' LGP.  He said something to me that meant a lot.  We were walking to the pool to set up tiki torches for a night swim because of a crazy idea I had.  On the way there he looked over at me and said "I don't know if I told you this or not yet, but you're like the perfect person for this job".  He went on about why he's been having so much fun the past couple of weeks being here.

But I titled this blog childhood heroes...growing up I had a few heroes.  I was a huge Ninja Turtles fan.  I loved Captain Planet.  I was into the A-TEAM (still am!).  I also saw guys like Luke Skywalker and Han Solo as heroes.  The other day at dinner one of the kids in LGP and I were talking.  This kid was one of my campers years ago.  It's pretty cool to see how he has grown up and his eagerness to serve.  As we were talking he told me that I was one of his childhood heroes.  Man!  I was blown away by this!

It was a really awesome thing to hear both these things.  But it really made me think how much has changed in the last 5 years.  5 years ago I wouldn't have known how to handle those kinds of compliments.  They would have gone right to my head and ego.  I look at things like this and other words of encouragement that I have received since I've been here and can't help but point to God as the true miracle worker here.  To be honest, I almost feel inadequate.  I've woken up the past few mornings feeling so far behind where I need to be.  Yesterday we had a new program for families arrive.  They showed up around 10AM.  I was just finishing the staff list and schedule sometime after 9AM.  Yet, these guys are having so much fun!  It isn't because I whipped up a quick schedule.  It's because I think I'm finally learning how to use some of my gifts in a new way.  A way that glorifies the Father, not myself.  It's an incredible journey.  One that I know will continue.

More to come later I'm sure.

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  1. Logan and I'll have to come someday! And he will totally be the kid without a toothbrush because daddy told him he didn't need it! Lol.

    That's so awesome to hear the effect you had on a kids life :-)

    Glad you're enjoying yourself!!! I love hearing how God's working :-)