Sunday, June 5, 2011

Why don't some people get it?

This is more of a follow up to a previous blog here.

This weekend was a father/son weekend at camp.  It was really cool to see about 14 pairs of dads and young sons with each other.  Still, something that is so difficult for me to see is that awful cell phone.  I miss the days when camp was an area where phones had no reception.  I miss when you actually had to go back down to the airstrip at camp to make a call.  At least then when you were ignoring your child you had to make an effort to do so.

I will admit that there were only a few instances where this happened between Friday night and Saturday afternoon.  But it really breaks my heart to see.  When a son is playing a game with dad and dad's phone call becomes more important.  Or when sons are playing fooseball and air hockey and other games with their dads and a few can't because their dads are off in a corner playing with iphones and blackberrys.

I've always had an issue with this.  This weekend was an opportunity to say something.  While I was doing some morning announcements I got to talk a bit about my dad and the things I've always loved about him.  I challenged these little sons to really allow their dads to teach them something this weekend.  Maybe something about the archery, the horses or the .bb guns.  Maybe something about growing up for them.  I gave the kids a challenge to ask their dad questions.  And I lovingly challenged the dads the same.  What can they learn about their boy this weekend.  Can they push everything aside and be present with their son.

I think that most really did after this.  I loved looking around and stopping in on different range activities to see dads and sons with each other.  I loved hearing from Jay at the rifle range that he didn't see dads on phones unless they were taking pictures.  I loved seeing dads walking with sons up and down the road.

But I think that this really calls out issues that I talked about in my other blog. Why do we so struggle with being present with each other?  I'm glad that this weekend seems to have been a start for some dads and sons.  And I really hope that it continues.

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