Friday, May 20, 2011

A shameless endorsement

Last February my company decided that it was time to buy a car for travel purposes and let me drive it.  We test drove a few different vehicles and settled on a 2007 Ford Escape; black with a grey/black interior from Fred Beans Ford in West Chester.  Beautiful car and all.  I love driving it.  And I've probably put somewhere in the neighborhood of 30,000 miles on it in the past 15 months.  That's a few oil changes and service appointments.

In this time a few things have had to be done on it other than routine oil changes and balance and rotating tires.  Fred Beans has a pretty nice loyalty program where they credit 15% of what you spend on service towards the downpayment of another car if you buy it through them.  That can add up to a little bit of cash after a few years of driving.  Maybe not a whole lot, but enough that I think it's worth coming back to the dealer.

But what I really love about this place is the staff.  I love how wether I have an appointment or not these guys know who I am, what company I work for and what car I have the second I walk in the door.  Not only that, but my service guy, Bob, remembers that I've been to Kenya and am going back.  And I love how he asks about it every time I come in.  I called to make an appointment for today and that was his first question, "how much longer until Kenya?".  These guys know service.

So as I sit in their waiting lounge eyeing up the coffee table while enjoying their free wifi, I highly recommend that if you are looking for a car, check these guys out!  I have had nothing but excellent service from the first test drive 'till now.

Check out their selection here!

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